Wood at home

You may have some pieces of wood there and you have no idea how to use them. Well, I’ve brought you some furniture that you can make yourself at home. You don’t need too many materials, just want to innovate and go green. Wood is a natural material that fits anywhere, we just need to know how to use it. There are so many things you can build. It exists in many shades, but if you think of another color, you can also paint it.

Suppose you have a room for your guests that you probably use to store many objects. Well, it’s time to renovate and build a bed for your guests. You don’t need too much: wood and nails. Look how the head is left uniting many pieces of dark wood. You like it, right? I love it.

Stop having your books watered there. This idea is very easy and gives a special touch to your home. It gives you style and order at the same time. You can even build the shape that you like. I’ll leave you 2 examples you can use.

Clothing can’t be on the floor either. Build an easy wooden trunk to store it. If you have children, why not? Use it to keep your toys tidy. I’m going to leave this tutorial so that you go now and build it.

In the morning a coffee is always right, you can check the news, your phone, some magazines and… I think we need a little table to organize. With this you only need 3 joined pieces of wood. Great and easy idea!

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