On the wall

The walls are often empty if we don’t put some objects to decorate them. With these ideas I found you can save space in your home and you can decorate the walls so that they don’t look simple.

Let’s start with the bathroom. Shelves are always necessary. This is made of wood and handmade. You can place the toilet paper, some candles, even your colonies, and creams. The good thing is that you avoid the use of shelves that occupy space in the low places and take advantage of all the possible space in your bathroom. If you wish, you can also place it near the handwash and hang a towel.


Let’s go to the rooms. Look at this kind of buttons that serve as coat racks. You can use them to hang your bags, sweaters and even the keys. This idea can be carried out in your room and for the living room, so your guests can also use them. You can also use the classic: a wooden board with several places to hang.



Kitchens are one of the places with the least space, so you must take advantage of the high places. If you have some bottles of wine and glasses that you want to look elegant, then this is the way. First, you have a classic decanter, while underneath you have a decanter a little more creative and dynamic. You may like the one on the right because it has more space, but the truth is that both work for you. They are made by hand, so it is a question of creativity.



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