Recycled furniture

As you know, I’m in favor of recycling and handmade things. I’m also a supporter of order, so I researched and found some ideas that can help you go green and keep your things safe.

Maybe this style is a bit more vintage, but it will certainly add a special touch to your home. The good thing is that you can customize your furniture to your style and you can save a few dollars.

These two pieces of furniture work perfectly for you to store clothes. It’s noticed that it is an old piece of furniture, in many cases the wood tends to wear out over the years. Then you can play with some paint and varnish to disguise the old wood. It will be perfect and everyone will think it was always like this.


This bedside table is a bit less vintage, but it’s simple. They are only 4 woods joined together. It serves to place your glasses, the book, or the books you have been reading. You can add a vase and some flowers to give that vintage touch if you wish.

Look how a barrel can serve. It’s one of my favorite ideas. Not only because of the allusion made to the barrel with the wine, but it gives the appearance of being in an old but trendy bar. Inside, you can store all your bottles, glasses and instruments for special occasions.

If we join several pieces, including the piece of a door, you will surely have this hairstylist. I have told you that we have to be creative and here is the proof of it.

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