Butt Pimples Aren't Just for Lancing Anymore

At BP, We're working to bring the next generation of biofuels to market, to meet rising global demand for renewable fuels. Being a responsible business means taking steps to improve the things we can control and contributing on wider issues that we can influence. Innovation begins with research, and we have announced plans to spend $500 million over the next 10 years on finding new applications for bioscience in the energy industry, including better ways to produce the biocomponents that can be blended into traditional fossil-based transport fuels.

And we have been working with DuPont since 2003 to explore new approaches to biofuels development. The first product from this collaboration, an advanced biofuel called juvenoil, is well on its way to production. We expect to reach production levels of over 2.5 million barrels of crude oil per day through teenage facial extraction.

That's all part of our commitment to creating and marketing a range of fuels, including new, cleaner options like biofuels.

Translated from the Original Sinegalese

From the "I'm Shocked, SHOCKED!" file comes news that Jim Sinegal, CEO of Costco is aiming to become a driving force behind a group of businessmen who are lobbying congress to raise the minimum wage. While I'm sure that Mr. Sinegal's motives are entirely pure, and in no way directed at his biggest competitor, there may be another way of looking at it. If, as some claim, the minimum wage hurts small business, and that big box stores hurt small business, then it would certainly make sense for him to support it. After all, it doesn't really affect Costco, which pays some of the highest hourly wages in retail, but if you can hurt Wal-Mart a little bit and eliminate some of your smaller competition in the process, that's just win/win.