MT 3.3 Questions

I've finally moved the site onto MT 3.3, but I'm having a couple of annoying problems that I'd love to get some advice on.

First of all, no matter how I change the settings, I cannot receive incoming trackbacks, nor am I getting the email notifications for comments/trackbacks. Strangely, the trackbacks are in the database, but do not show up either on the posts or within Movable Type.

Secondly, and possibly more important, the comment form, regardless of whether the "Remember Me" box is checked, will not populate user information. Having to fill it out every time is a pain and I know some people won't even bother to comment if they have to do it on each visit.

Any help on either of these problems would be sincerely appreciated.


I am posting out of shame. It has been pointed out by a suddenly prolific blogging friend that four posts in three months isn't exactly superhuman output on my part. So, to put to rest certain rumors that have been floating about, please rest assured that none of the following are true.

1. I have not shaved my head and become a Buddhist nun.

2. I have not newly committed my life to the ongoing search for D.B. Cooper.

3. Or D.B. Sweeney (although the remnant of his career would be just as challenging to locate).

4. I have not been in secret talks to take over General Motors (although it isn't like I could do a worse job running it).

There, is everyone happy now?