Let Me Know How It Works Out For You

Then LA Times editorial beat me to exactly what I was thinking last night while watching the returns come in.

When the GOP took over congress in 1994, it was rather clear what direction they wanted to take things since they'd been campaigning on the Contract with America for over a year. This morning is quite the opposite. I know what the Democrats are against, the war, border security, tax cuts, etc. But I'm still a little fuzzy about what they're actually for, other than the broad strokes of their platform like a higher minimum wage and other "social justice" issues.

So, congratulations to Speaker Pelosi (and to the disgraced and impeached former federal judge, Alcee Hastings, who will purportedly now be in charge of the oversight of our nation's intelligence). Now, where's the plan?

Makes No Sense At All

Ann Althouse is bemoaning the downside of using a free service like Blogger to reach a mass audience.

I've always wondered why people on the more exalted end of the blogging spectrum would ever stay with Blogger. Especially when you're talking about a site with more than 12,000 uniques visitors per day and where the author does numerous posts each day. When you consider that for about the cost of a decent bottle of wine each month, you could have your blog on a full-service web host and use any number of free software packages to publish. Even if you have to pay some script-kiddie a few bucks to get it all set up for you, you're still not talking about much money, and I would presume that Ms. Althouse has the resources.

If you're a person for whom writing and the exchange of ideas is important, it seems strange to entrust your work to any service over which you have absolutely no control. Rather like taking the pages of the doctoral thesis you've completed that day and handing them to an utter stranger in the hopes that they'll be in the same place, at the same time tomorrow.