Ultimate Quote

Via Andrea Harris (to whom I owe an apology for being such a stranger), comes the quote of the year so far.

The author of this gem, of course, is Tim Blair. I'm not sure how he worked it into an article on global warming, but such is his genius.

Checking the referral logs this morning, I saw a few hits from a local blog I hadn't seen before, so I figured it was about time for an update to the Razorbloggers roster.

All Sides of Life is an anonymously written blog that covers dining, local retail and various events in the Northwest Arkansas area from a family-friendly perspective and is an excellent resource for both recent transplants and locals.

Razorbloggers covers UA sports from top to bottom. These guys must have season tickets to everything, judging by the coverage of almost every event. Oh, and they have rather pointed opinions about life on The Hill in general.

The Metamorph writes a little about everything, and writes it well. I'll even forgive her for turning to the dark side in her choice of digital cameras.

Fighting the Man....er...is apparently fighting everything from traffic to books to stuffed animals. What an exhaustive existence that must be.

Jeannie's New Mid Life is presumably written by Jeannie, who displays some disturbing fetishes.

And finally, The Nelson's. This site `is your one-stop, all encompassing, information dump for everything you ever wanted to know about something called a Bumbo. I'm not exactly clear about the Bumbo's purpose, but it seems to involve torturing young children, so I'm okay with it.

Judging by the way local blogs are popping up around us, maybe the next NWA blogbash will involve more than Greg and I sitting around solving the world's problems.